TextureView 3.42 (Texture scanner/viewer/catalog tool for POV-Ray)
TXTS2POV 1.36b (MS-DOS texture catalogs for POV-Ray)
LONAME 1.1 (Filename converting)

TextureView Version 3.42 for Windows 95/98/NT - freeware Seitenanfang

I've written this program because I always wanted to have an overview of all POV-Ray textures on my harddisk. The program scans POV-Ray files for texture declarations and displays the found textures in a list. You can render a preview of these textures or create a new POV-Ray scenery file, with which you can render contact sheets of all textures. You can choose between the rendering of 1, 4x3, 5x7 or 12x9 textures per image.

Known BUGS
Scanning for textures in POV-Ray library directories (only available with POV-Ray for Windows installed), any other directories and subdirectories.
Automatical detection of POV-Ray library directories (only available with POV-Ray for Windows installed).
Possibility to edit POV-Ray's library directories in "povray.ini"
Presentation of the found texture items in a list/file tree/thumbnail view.
Assignment of categories to the texture items (Stones, Woods, Effects etc.)
Up to 20 individual preview scenes.
Permanental displaying of texture contents.
Search for duplicated textures.
Several searching options.
Preview display (only available with POV-Ray for Windows installed)
Saving of all texture items including their preview images.
Contact Sheets
bsp1.jpg bsp2.jpg bsp3.jpg bsp4.jpg

Overview of all colors in "colors.inc" (sorted by HSL values) generated with the help of TextureView.
4 inbuilt output options (1, 12, 35 and 108 samples per page).
Labels with texture names and source files.
Automatic creating of POV-Ray ini files for easy rendering the created scene files.
You can also use a selfmade POV-Ray template file. By this way you could render various sample scenes like this:

2 different backgrounds.
Defintion of output resolution.
Preview dialog (only available with POV-Ray for Windows installed)

Notice: For rendering the contact sheets with POV-Ray you need the TrueType font courbd.ttf in your Windows font directory. Because this font is a standard font of Windows, it should already exist on your system. If not, you can download the font here: courbd.zip (53KB).

DOWNLOAD txv342e.zip (v3.42 for Windows 95/98/NT, 315KB)
txv342d.zip (v3.42 für Windows 95/98/NT, 315KB)
IMPORTANT 1: TextureView needs the Microsoft-DLLs MFC40.DLL and MSVCRT40.DLL. Please take a look at your Windows system directory - it's possible that these files exist already. If not, you can download the file mfcdlls.zip (592KB) and unpack it to your TextureView directory.
IMPORTANT 2: If you've updated from POVWIN 3.1 to POVWIN 3.1e only by using the file pve-bin.zip, please do the following 2 steps:
  • Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\POV-Ray\CurrentVersion\Windows set the entry under key "VersionNo" to "3.1e".
  • Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\POV-Ray\v3.1\Windows add the key "VersionNo" with the value "3.1e".
If you've completely installed POVWIN 3.1e by using its setup program or you've updated to version 3.1e with the file pve-31up.exe, these changes have been done automatically.
IMPORTANT 3: If you've already used TextureView in prior versions than 3.3, you have to delete the 5 files TexturePreview01.inc up to TexturePreview05.inc in the directory preview. If you didn't create your own preview files, you can also delete the whole directory preview.
std30.zip and std31.zip (TextureView 3.4 files standard30.txv / standard31.txv - depending on POV-Ray version 3.0 or 3.1 with 538 or 542 POV-Ray standard textures and colors including all preview images, 1085KB / 1091KB. These files are not necessary for using TextureView, but they save you the time to render your own catalog of these textures.)
m_glass.zip (0.5KB) This file M_GLASS.INC is an include file for POV-Ray 3.1 which contains all standard glass textures from GLASS.INC as materials with the interior variable I_Glass.
It's not necessary for using TextureView, but if you want to view the textures in GLASS.INC, you may prefer these materials because all glass textures from GLASS.INC will be displayed without any refraction in TextureView.

In the Texture Library of René Schwietzke you can find many include files with about 800 textures.
TXTS2POV Version 1.36b for MS-DOS - freeware Seitenanfang

This commandline oriented MS-DOS program is in a way the first version of TextureView. It also scans files for POV-Ray texture declarations and produces POV-Ray scripts for rendering sample pages.

Note: This software won't be updated in future. It doesn't work with some textures of POV-Ray versions since 3.1. If you use Windows 95/98/NT, it's highly recommended that you'll get an actual version of TextureView.

DOWNLOAD txts2pov.zip (v1.36b for MS-DOS, 64KB)
LONAME V1.1 for Windows 95 - freeware Seitenanfang

If you usually work with Windows 95 and you ever have edited, copied ore renamed a file in DOS mode, you know the problem, that this changes filenames to uppercase. With loname, a commandline oriented Windows 95 program, you can now reconvert these files (or directories) to lowercase again.

DOWNLOAD loname.zip (v1.1 for Windows 95, 23KB)

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